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Thanks very much scanner's up and running again.


Dr. Marilyn Bland - Dallas, Texas

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Hi Marilyn,

I don't know the specific shortcut keys but I can get you there with arrow
and tab.

1. With Open Book started, press ALT to get the File menu.
2. Right arrow over to Launch.
3. Down arrow 3 times to Set up standard launchables.
4. Right arrow once to Advanced.
5. Down arrow 2 times to Device settings and press Enter.
You should hear that the acquisition source is scanner. 6. Tab to the combo
box for Device and arrow down to whichever you want.
7. Tab to Okay and press enter.


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Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017 9:55 pm
Subject: RE Scanner

-Hello everyone,

I'm in a fix.

I have two scanners connected to my desktop. I only just discovered this.
One is a regular scanner with OpenBook, and the other was a printer
and which I have just learned, also a scanner.

The problem is that when I launched Openbook I got the prompt Welcome
to Openbook, but thenI could not get it to scan because the message
said "no scanner. I pressed a number of keys and tabbed a few times
and then somehow there was a list of things to choose from. I entered
on what I thought was the correct scanner, and of course it was the
wrong one. That's when I found out about the printer/scanner. It kept
scanning, but of course, there's no voice.

How can I get to the place to where I can select one of the other
options to get my Openbook scanner to launch?

So sorry if this sounds confusing. Any suggestions would be greatly


Dr. Marilyn Bland - Dallas, Texas "

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