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Marilyn Bland <tinkerbelltx@...>

-Hello everyone,

I'm in a fix.

I have two scanners connected to my desktop. I only just discovered this.
One is a regular scanner with OpenBook, and the other was a printer and
which I have just learned, also a scanner.

The problem is that when I launched Openbook I got the prompt Welcome to
Openbook, but thenI could not get it to scan because the message said "no
scanner. I pressed a number of keys and tabbed a few times and then somehow
there was a list of things to choose from. I entered on what I thought was
the correct scanner, and of course it was the wrong one. That's when I found
out about the printer/scanner. It kept scanning, but of course, there's no

How can I get to the place to where I can select one of the other options to
get my Openbook scanner to launch?

So sorry if this sounds confusing. Any suggestions would be greatly


Dr. Marilyn Bland - Dallas, Texas "

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