JAWS 17 with Windows 10 File Explorer search box, how to access the document results text display window?

Tim Ford

Hi All,


When I am in Windows 10 File Explorer (used to be called Windows Explorer), I use control plus e to open the search box.  I get the results I wanted, but I cannot figure out how to get to the segment of the screen where it shows part of the actual text of each document.  I can get the text read by using the JAWS command to read current line, but you have to catch it all on the fly.  I would like to be able to get into that display box and be able to navigate the text. 


I realize I can use the JAWS speech history feature, insert plus space bar, then h, but it would be easier if there were a direct way for JAWS to navigate that display pane text. 


Any ideas?


Just to be clear, I am looking not for file names, but whether a document has the actual word(s) I enter in the text of the document.  My need is to be able to make such a search in one pass on a folder with subfolders that have several hundred documents.


Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Tim Ford


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