Re: Outlook no longer speaking email address


A big time inconvenient bug with the latest Jaws release from a few days
ago. VFO is aware of it. Only options are either system restore to the prior
V-18 or put up with it until they issue another update. Which considering
that the next major release is only a few weeks away may mean the fix will
be in the major update itself.
I'm dealing with another bug when replying or forwarding an email. Jaws can
no longer read by line. If I arrow up or down, Jaws behaves as though I'm at
the end of a window. Only by using the read by paragraph command can I
access the other text on the window. VFO tells me that they're not hearing
of this issue with other folks who have installed the 9/26/17 update, so who

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Subject: Outlook no longer speaking email address

In the past couple of days Jaws is not speaking the email address as I type
it into Outlook 2016.

For example, if I was sending an email to myself, I would start typing my
name into the to field. I would press the letter r and Jaws would say
randymeyer@..., I could arrow down to hear other email addresses
that started with r as well. If I typed RA I could arrow down through a
list of email addresses that started with RA. Now when I type R I hear
nothing. If I tab away and shift-tab back it will say

I thought this was still working after I loaded the latest Jaws 18 update.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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