Re: Why is Jaws saying "send mail"



Thanks for that!

I tried to use the quick settings but it didn’t hold. I unchecked the box for link type band pressed ok but I still heard it.

I then went into the settings center and default settings and unchecked that same check box, pressed enter on apply and that annoying phrase has gone!

Thank you so much



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Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 7:39 AM
Subject: Re: Why is Jaws saying "send mail"


Hey Shannon.

I think it's announcing the type of link you're pointing to. "Send Mail Link". JAWS 10 does that in Outlook 2003, on Mozilla Firefox, and even in Internet Explorer. As for how to make it stop, you could go to the Configuration Manager (Settings Center in JAWS 18), and click on HTML options. I think there might be something in there that lets you turn the "Link Type" announcement on or off.


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Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017 5:12 AM
Subject: Why is Jaws saying "send mail"

Good morning,

As the subject line states, why is Jaws 18 saying “send mail” when reading a line that contains an email address when using the arrow keys up and down in outlook 2010?


That text is not truly written in the line of text. If you read that same line word by word those words are not there.

Why is it saying it? How can I make it stop.

I don’t want to hear things that are not there.

I often find Jaws telling me false things and leaving things out that are there, especially with the OCR, so I don’t want it to intentionally tell me wrong things. It won’t tell me things that I know are there either. I find this frustrating.





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