Re: Firefox! What the heck is wrong with it?

Kimber Gardner

I tried to install Chrome and, OMG, it totally snafu-ed my system.
Hyperlinks no longer worked in outlook and I had to run a Microsoft
fix it tool to get things working again. I have since reinstalled an
older version of firefox and am happily free of IE once again. Though
after all that I don't want to touch Chrome with a ten foot pole.

On 9/29/17, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
My recommendation is to simply switch to Google Chrome, Webvisum was a good
feature in favour fo Firefox when it still worked, but it doesn't and I
think overall Chrome offers a faster and better experience. There are a few
exceptions and I just use IE for those.

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Hi All,

Today firefox updated on my windows 7 laptop and now it hoses up the laptop
like every five minutes. Well, as long as I have firefox open anyway. What
the heck is going on? And is there a fix aside from abandoning ship and
going back to internet explorer?

Thanks for any help.




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