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I wasn't sure anyone had mentioned this previously but I just found that the EBay audio captcha isn't in fact broken at all. It merely has changed so that now it's making use of the QuickTime player. If that is present on a machine it'll work just as it always did playing the sound on demand.
I hope that is of use to someone.

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Subject: eBay and Webvisum

Below are slightly edited instructions that Alex Wallace posted on the
Webvisum Discuss list. They should be useful for JAWS users.

a few days ago, I wrote to the list, asking if Webvisum could be adapted to
work with eBay's CAPTCHA system. Due to the audio CAPTCHA system not
working, it wasn't possible to contact sellers without sighted help. I just
spoke to eBay regarding problems paying for an item, and they gave me useful
information which I thought I would share with the list. it was a nightmare
getting to talk to a live person, took me nearly an hour but I managed it,
they hide there phone number well.

they are going to ask about getting the audio CAPTCHA system fixed, but they
say it is possible to get direct contact information for sellers if you
click the right links.

1. Go to the eBay homepage, then look for a link called advanced.

2. Click it, and you are taken to the advanced search options.

3. Click the link called find contact information.

4. Enter an item number and the user ID of the person who's contact
information you want, and click the search link.

5. the contact information is e mailed to you.

note. Your contact information is also e mailed to the item seller when you
do this.

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