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I have never had a windows system backup that worked right when it came to a total system failure. Yes I have had a lot of them over the last 25 years due to experimenting with multi boot windows/Linux and trying to do advanced things that arent really blind guy friendly! LOL.
I keep all my important stuff on a separate hard drive in my system and copy the whole drive once in a while. My really important data goes on the cloud. Dropbox, Google drive and One drive.
Here is how I do it.
On the second hard drive (Mine is Media)create the folders you want to move. I.E. Favorites, Documents, Downloads, Pictures and videos.
Now go to c:\users\your user name\
highlight the Favorites folder then alt +enter. Now ctrl + tab to the location tab. Then tab twice to move folder. press it. Now shift tab once. press t for this PC press enter then press m for media (yours may be different) press enter then f for favorites. Now tab to select folder and press it. Tab to OK then press yes to move the folder to the new location.
Repeat for the rest of the folders. Now Windows will put everything in these folders from now on and the library links will go to these folders from now on.
If you use thunderbird copy the thunderbird folders from c:\users\your user name\app data\local and roaming.
Now if the main drive fails or you need to do a clean install. Just copy the Thunderbird folders back to appdata local and roaming and all your info is there just move the folders to the Media drive again and it is like it was before the crash.
You will still need to install apps and setup your accounts.But with Windows 10 that is fairly easy. Not like win 7. One of the few things that is really better. :)

On 10/2/2017 9:08 PM, marvin hunkin wrote:

Hi. What’s the difference between windows backup and a system backup. Also tried to use macrein reflect, but did do a windows backup, but then decided to delete it and now cannot do a system image backup. Is the system image a good backup? Any help, or step by step tips, or tutorial. Or more accessible software. Got windows 10 64 bit pro running latest jaws 18 and jaws beta 2018. Backing up to my Toshiba external drive 1 tb, and about a 300 gb backup. Any help, tips, or maybe any one had experience with backing up. Just doing a backup now. And got the schedule every Sunday, so notifications will let me know need to backup. Marvin.


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