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I wish to thank all of you who wrote me.

I somewhat compelled a supervisor who knows the development team to watch (listen) to me struggling with a
important dialogue box which she had taken for granted. She had never heard of speech software. She was shocked that by reviewing my selection sthat such an act nullified my hard work!

She felt badly. I pointed out that many elder users have problems in common with ours. I told her the dialogue box in my opinion assumed one used a mouse.
That thought had never occurredto her.

So she now has your comments.

I have asked her to stay in contact. i also know howto speak with her.

So maybe some advances will happen.

I gave her contact information for Freedom Scientific.

Again thanks.

If you call the tech support numberfor AVG and you get some very nice person whose English is a bit faulty who does not understand
speech software, please call that number back. Tell the operator that you needthe help of some one who isa manager or speaks better English. Iam not slamming any one nor do I intendto!
The point is that by moving higher, you can help make these points. The person you will be referred to will help in a sincere way. this is simply a comment and I hopeI offended no one!
By the way, I liketheir tech support.

I hope I have helped out as so many of you have helped me.

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Hi this would be great if AVG is more accessible but as usual I don't
have a clew what to tell someone how to make it more accessible. If I
contact developers they always ask but what must we do and I can't
answer that because I don't know anything about programming or how a
application must be written to be accessible.

On 11/29/11, ptusing <> wrote:
I found a person at AVG who is interested in making AVG more user

Any one with good ideas, please send me a private messageand I will forward
it to that person.

I am not speaking for AVG or making promises.


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