Re: text columns in word questions; and proofreading schemes.


Hoping someone answers these via email since it would be helpful to me as well, and more proofreading tips would be appreciated


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Subject: text columns in word questions; and proofreading schemes.


Hi guys:


I have two questions;

1.  regarding text columns:

back sometime ago, there was discussion on this list on how to read text columns within a word doc;

(e.g. two text columns);

The response on handling such matters was to use the control arrows whilst arrowing through a doc,

Although this might be a solution in some instances,

what if I am reading the doc straight through, say a legal case as the other fella suggested?

One would not sit there and arrow line-by-line through a case; for this would be non-efficient and imppractical.

Any ideas?


2: regarding proofreading speech schemes:

I have delved into using proofreading schemes and have noticed a “strange but maybe neat ” phenomenon;


It seems that when using one of these schemes, (e.g. attributes, font, and colors);

jaws when encountering either bold or italics, the voice will change from “read” to “huge harry” or something similar thereof;


when encountering changes in color or font,

jaws merely says the new color or font in a different voice but then immediately reverts back to default voice when reading the actual text.


am reading along and color of text is black on white;

Let’s say I changed some text to “red fur rule”,

I would like jaws not only to change to the voice when he says “red” but I wish for him to stay in that mode and read all the red text in that voice;

when the color of text changes back to black then jaws should default back to his regular voice.


I know this is a lot, but I don’t know any other way to ask these questions?


I hope I haven’t confused anyone with these ramblings?


If anyone has any ideas, ph: 618 783 9331 for more in depth instructions on how to accomplish this?

Please advise further.


Sincerely Yours,


Mike M.

[ph: 618 783 9331.]

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