Re: How to get Dec-TALK Express to work with JAWS Version 14 and later versions

Dave Durber

Hello again Shai:

After replying to your email the other day, I called JFW Tech Support. Luckily, I got Dennis Goodin, who I've known for a very long time indeed. After explaining my difficulty, he suggested I use the JAWS command: JAWS/INSERT+CTRL+S command, to open the "select A Voice Profile" Dialog and, guess what, the DEC-TALK Express was listed there. However, when I Pressed ENTER to select it and on the OK Button, there was a brief pause and JAWS continued to use Eloquence.

So, I returned to the Synthesizer and Braille Manager, ENTERED on the Add, Modify or Change Devices button, chose the default, which is "Synthesizers", ENTERED on the next button, selected the DEC-TALK Express, which was already checked and activated the Next Button. In the dialog, there is a combo box, which lists all the Serial Ports which are available. As I mentioned previously, COM1 was the only one listed.

However, this time, instead of just accepting and presuming COM1 was already highlighted because it was the only listed Serieal Port, I pressed the DOWN ARROW, JAWS announced "COM1" for the second time, indicating that COM1 had been highlighted.

I activated the Next and Close Buttons to close the Synthesizer and Braille Manager, restarted JAWS, accessed the "select A Voice Profile" Dialog, selected the DEC-TALK Express, pressed ENTER to select it and on the OK Button, to close the dialog and, hay presto, JAWS was speaking using the DEC-Talk Express.

In your first reply to my email, you mentioned that you were using JAWS, with a DEC-TALK Express, through a USB to Serial adaptor, in a 64 BIT version of Windows 10. Please explain to me, how you got the DEC-TALK Express to work in a 64 BIT environment.

I look forward to your reply, as I need to install Windows 10 on my systems and I will need to use The DEC-TALK in a 64 BIT environment.

Thanks in anticipation.


Dave Durber

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Hello Dave,
Are you sure that you are using the correct com port for the DecTalk?
Have you attempted to restart JAWS? What occurs when you attempt to
find it in the voice adjustment dialog? I am using the latest version
of JAWS with a DecTalk Express on a Windows10 64bit. I am using it
with a serial to USB cable. I find that this set up works well, but
that once in a while on a web page JAWS will crash and I will need to
restart it.

On 9/21/17, Dave Durber <d.durber@...> wrote:
Hello everyone:

I Have installed Windows 7 Professional 32 BIT on a PC.

I have a DEC-TALK Express external synthesizer which I would like to use
with JAWS Version 14., with a view to using it with the latest version of
JAWS in Windows 10 32 BIT, if the latest Version of JAWS will support this

I connected the DEC-TALK Express to the on-board serial port. I used the
Synthesizer and Braill Manager in JAWS 14, to add the DEC-Talk Express
Synthesizer. However, when I accessed the Synthesizer Submenue, under
Utilities in JAWS 14, the DEC-TALK Express is not listed.

What do I have to do in order for JAWS 14 to send the speech output to the
DEC-TALK Express and to have the said synthesizer to appear in the list of
added synthesizers?

Thank you in anticipation for any and all suggestions.


Dave Durber

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