Re: Suddenly MS Lync no longer works with JAWS

Kimber Gardner

No, my office is still using lync 2010. I am unable to view anyone's
status or initiate an IM or a screen share or any of the other
functions of lync accomplished from the main window. When someone
sends me an IM, I press windows key + A to receive it. I am then
placed in the conversation window where I can read the name of the
sender and the message. I can type my response and read what I have
typed. But if I attempt to do anything else (even in the conversation
window) jaws simply says "blank."

On 9/21/17, Ekstrand, Pamela A. -ND <> wrote:
Hi Kim,

Are you using LYNC 2013? Sorry, I am not quite clear on what you are unable
to do, since you say you can read and respond to IMs?


From: [] on behalf of Kimber Gardner
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2017 10:11 AM
Subject: Suddenly MS Lync no longer works with JAWS

Hi All,

I am at a total loss and hope someone may have some helpful advice.

This morning when I signed on to my work laptop, Jaws could no longer
read anything in the Microsoft lync window. When I press jaws key + F
to obtain font information jaws reports no font. The strange thing is
I can receive and respond to IMs that my coworkers send me. I just
can't do anything else in lync.

Everything worked fine yesterday. I'm still running the same versions
of lync and jaws as I was then. As you may imagine my tech support
people have no clue how to even begin to address this issue. So I'm
coming here in hope that someone, somewhere may be able to help.

Any thoughts or things to try will be much appreciated.




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