Re: Jaws and irc clients

Walker, Michael E

Running as administrator poses security risks. If a hacker gained control of your client (and their are hackers on IRC networks), they could possibly gain control of your entire computer, by exploiting a vulnerability. With Mirc4Life not being maintained, bugs are not being fixed. I would rather either write a script to make the latest mIRC more accessible, or sacrifice some accessibility, and use the JAWS cursor. When using the JAWS cursor, maximize both the document and mIRC windows. CTRL+-, X to maximize the document window, and CTRL+SPACE BAR, X to maximize the main mIRC window. NVDA works pretty well with regular mIRC. You may just want to switch from JAWS to NVDA for IRC activity. Using the latest mIRC means you do not need to run as administrator to chat. If using JAWS, for the most optimal experience, set it not to speak any punctuation for mIRC.

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