How to get Dec-TALK Express to work with JAWS Version 14 and later versions

Dave Durber

Hello everyone:
I Have installed Windows 7 Professional 32 BIT on a PC.
I have a DEC-TALK Express external synthesizer which I would like to use with JAWS Version 14., with a view to using it with the latest version of JAWS in Windows 10  32 BIT, if the latest Version of JAWS will support this synthesizer.
I connected the DEC-TALK Express to the on-board serial port. I used the Synthesizer and Braill Manager in JAWS 14, to add the DEC-Talk Express Synthesizer. However, when I accessed the Synthesizer Submenue, under Utilities in JAWS 14, the DEC-TALK Express is not listed.
What do I have to do in order for JAWS 14 to send the speech output to the DEC-TALK Express and to have the said synthesizer to appear in the list of added synthesizers?
Thank you in anticipation for any and all suggestions.
Dave Durber

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