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Randy Barnett <randy@...>

From what I can tell it has to do with the way windows does its virtual desktop scheme. Narrator will say the same thing from time to time. It is a hidden thing that only screenreaders seem to pick up on. Nothing wrong and nothing to be done about it.

On 9/20/2017 11:46 AM, marvin kotler wrote:
Ann, Marv here. I have had this problem for some time; After jaws says windows overlay windows 0, I just use windows plus m and the above mentioned disappears with no more interference. There are no menus or anything else related to this. I hope this helps.

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the windows 10 list talked about this for a
while. I don't recall there being a reason
given, but it didn't seem to indicate a problem. Just a Windows 10 gremlin.
At 05:51 AM 9/19/2017, you wrote:

Jaws 18 and Windows 10 ……

Normally when I turn the computer on I wait approximately 10 to 20 seconds and then Jaws will say “Jaws home use” and I’m ready to go.

Yesterday, when I turned the computer on after about 5 or 10 seconds Jaws said “Jaws for windows, overlay windows zero, overlay windows zero, overlay windows zero”. Then, after another 5 or 10 seconds Jaws said “Jaws home use” and I was ready to go.

I’ve had this computer for almost four months and this has never happened. Has anybody experienced anything like this and is this something to be concerned about? Thanks for any input.


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