Re: Follow up web browsing question in JAWS 18

Soronel Haetir

And you can see (or change) the list of navigation quick keys by going
to the jaws program menu (jaws+j) then utilities -> navigation quick
key manager and choose the set of quick keys you want to look at.

On 9/19/17, Shan Noyes <noyes01@...> wrote:

When you are on a web page and in virtual cursor mode various keys do
different things

letter u jump to next unvisited link
letter v jump to the next visited link
letter e jump to the next edit box
letter g jump to next graphic
letter c jump to next combo box
letter x ump to next checkbox

there are others.  best approach is go to a web page and switch into
the keyboard help insert plus number 1 from top row of key board and
this way you can experiment and hear what the keys do and nothing will
happen.  remember the insert plus 1 key is a toggle and will turn of
the key board help.

of course if you use the shift key on any of thecommands instead of
moving down the page to the next element, it will move upwards.  and
when you hit the bottom element it jumps to the top of the page.

Have a good day.

Shan Noyes

letter u

Shan Noyes and guide dog Danson

On Tue, 19 Sep 2017 17:53:28 +0000, Mario wrote:

sorry Patrick, I did not find any quick key to move to a link
if it was visited or not. the only way is pressing the insert+f7 as
previously mentioned.

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From: Mario [mailto:mrb620@...]
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Subject: Follow up web browsing question in JAWS 18

in response to your questions:

pressing insert+f7 gives you a listing of all of the links on a page,
whether they were visited or not. pressing enter or tabbing to the
activate button and pressing enter or spacebar on the one selected
activates the link. you can also tab to a move to button and pressing
the enter or spacebar will select the link on the webpage without
activating the link. there might be a quick key to do what you want;
I'll have to see, unless someone finds it first.

if forms mode has been set to manual,
pressing the enter or spacebar on an edit field turns on forms mode and
pressing the escape key or the pc cursor (numpad plus key when numlok is
off) turns off forms mode.

pressing the application key (to the right of the right windows key),
shift+f10 (if you don't have an application key) or pressing the right
mouse click key (numpad star (times/multiply)) will most likely give you
an opportunity to save the link as something, depending on what the link
is for and if the website author permits the downloading of whatever it is.


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From: Patrick Johnson [mailto:patrickjohnson1015@...]
Sent: Monday, Sep 18, 2017 8:10 PM EST
Subject: Follow up web browsing question in JAWS 18


As I continue the transition from Window Eyes to JAWS 18 I have the
following web browsing command questions.

I know can be used to browse unvisited links, and for visited
links, and for web elements. Is there a key stroke to browse by
links regardless if they have been visited or not?

On a related topic, I see is the command to navigate by edit
fields. Are and the JAWS equvilent to the WE
--A for toggling on/off within an edit field?

In WE I could use the --F10 command to right click on a
link and get the "save link as" command. What would the JAWS
equvilent be using JAWS 18 and Firefox, on a Windows 10 machine?




Soronel Haetir

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