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Shannon, I recall that in order to automatically or manually label
graphics, the default setting (for all applications) for graphic
verbosity needs to be set to all, and that may have changed recently
(since version 10?), but I recall that it depends on the proper
"labeling" of buttons and things from the manufacturer of the software,
which is rare. I also know it is possible to manually label graphics but
I havent done it for a l o n g time. hopefully someone who knows will
let the list know via a post, and address your issue.

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Sent: Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017 9:42 AM EST
Subject: labeling and finding graphics

Good morning.

I am trying to label a few graphics and then trying to find them with the

The mouse will not find any of the graphics that I know are up there. I
tried to use the auto graphics labeler, but it said no graphics labeled.

I found it by using the touch curser and a set of eyes since the touch
curser said nothing when it landed on it but button. The only thing odd
about that is that the touch curser calls this a button. I routed the mouse
to the touch curser. I was told that the mouse did go to the graphic and the
tool tip popped up with the title of the graphic. I then used the insert G
to label the graphic and that dialog popped up. I saved it to the
application file.

Now when I try to do a search for this labeled graphic the mouse curser will
not find it.

The touch curser will not use the label I gave it either. It just keeps
calling it a button without a label. The PC curser can't get to this area of
the screen.

I have my graphics setting to verbosity labeled graphics. The dimensions
are the default.

Why will not JAWS read these labeled graphics when they have tool tips? Why
won't the touch curser use the graphic label I gave it?

The touch curser would be fine , even though the touch curser is very slow
to react to a click command but it won't speak the label.

What am I not doing?



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