Follow up web browsing question in JAWS 18

Patrick Johnson


As I continue the transition from Window Eyes to JAWS 18 I have the
following web browsing command questions.

I know <U> can be used to browse unvisited links, and <V> for visited
links, and <F> for web elements. Is there a key stroke to browse by
links regardless if they have been visited or not?

On a related topic, I see <E> is the command to navigate by edit
fields. Are <space bar> and <ESC> the JAWS equvilent to the WE
<CTRL>-<SHIFT>-A for toggling on/off within an edit field?

In WE I could use the <CTRL>-<SHIFT>-F10 command to right click on a
link and get the "save link as" command. What would the JAWS
equvilent be using JAWS 18 and Firefox, on a Windows 10 machine?



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