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george b <gbmagoo@...>

To reade the status line which gives the info is

Laptop in word
Caps lock and page down will read the entire info of the status line.

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Thanks. I use a laptop. Do you know how to do this on a laptop without a numpad?

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Hi Laura,

Welcome ...... My name is also Laura (smile). I'm fairly new to this
list and am not very tech savvy either. I hope the little bit of
information listed below will be helpful to you.

I use Jaws 18 and MS Word 2016. When I press insert + dot on the numb
pad (dot is the key to the right of insert) Jaws will say the current
line I'm on. When I press insert + 3 on the numb pad Jaws will say
the current page I'm on ...... Example; if you have a five page
document and you're on page 3, by pressing insert + 3 Jaws will say "page 3 of 5".


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I have just subscribed to the list, so apologies if any of this has
been covered before. I am a longtime jaws user, but am not super tech
savvy. A number of recent Jaws issues between jaws 18 and Microsoft
word 2013 (particularly in the footnotes). Some bu tont all issues
also involve my rather old but recently tuned up Focus 40. The same
issues are happening on both my laptop (running windows 7) and my work desktop (running windows 10).
I would truly appreciate help with any of the following. I have tried
calling VFO Group but the recent hurricane has caused them to have
staffing issues, and the one woman I did speak with said she had "no
familiarity at all" with footnotes.
Feel free to contact me offlist if these are too trivial for listserv

1. Jaws used to read me the number of the footnote both above the line
and below the line. It now only reads the number above the line. When
I am down navigating in the footnotes, or when I am scrolling using
the arrows or say all mode, it no longer announces the footnote number
hwen reading the first line of each footnote. It will tell me if I
hopver over the first character of the first line.

2. Similarly, I am having issues with line numbering, which can be
helpful when multiple people are editing the same document. The
feature is on, but Jaws is not announcing the line numbers. Honestly,
I don't necessarily
**want** it to announce each line number all the time, but I need to
be able to verify that I have turned them on in my document, and I
need Jaws to tell me what line I am currently on when I am sending
edits to other folks. is there a way to do this similar to pressing f6
to get page information or
insert+f to get font information?

3. After using ctrl+f to find text, the next time I hit ctrl+f,
instead of bringing up the dialogue box, it keeps searching for the
same text I previously entered, as though I had hit find next. This
happens only sometimes, and I can't figure out the pattern. I've use
a work-around, but would love for it to function properly.

4. Sometimes, Jaws will read both the new and revised text in a track
change. To give an example, if the original word was taken, and I
changed it to taking, jaws would read takening. This obviously gets confusing.

5. I have Braille marking turned on for underlining, italics, bold,
and highlighting. This works above the line. However, if I have
highlighting checked, the Braille display displays dots 7 and 8 across
the entire line of footnoted text. If I turn highlighting **off*, the
braille display stops doing this, but it also doesn't display bold,
italics, or underlined text using dots 7 or 8 either.

6. Lastly, my cursor routing buttons don't work below the line.

I know there is a "repair" feature on Jaws, but I'm not sure how to
use it or if it would be helpful in this situation. I find it odd that
it would be happening exactly the same on two different machines
running different copies of word. I also wonder whether it will reset
all of my word-specific settings if I do that.

Anyway, thanks for any assistance. The combined force of all of these
has markedly affected my productivity, so any help is greatly appreciated.



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