creating video; designing flash; creating image file: any accessible way?

Amar Jain

Hi Listers,
I have to accomplish following using Jaws 13 and no other screen reader:
1. Shoot a video, edit it and provide for uploading.
In the video I have to capture laptop screen as well.
Is there any software which is accessible or semi-accessible through which I can do this job? Given the fact that now we can make use of OCR feature of Jaws 13?
What about windows movie maker?
2. Create an image of headnotes and imbed it on a html page.
How do I go about creating headnotes image which displays the text in the image itself? Any program recommended?
3. Most tricky job, create a flash presentation using Adobe Flash CS Professional or any such software.
Is the above mentioned software accessible or any other way of doing it?
Can you also point me towards:
A. learning flash through tutorials,
B. making accessible flash content except the adobe guidelines itself.
I have done no research on the same but I need to do it as fast as possible after 29th. Any help will be appreciated.
Amar Jain.
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