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Paul Sandoval

Try using alt windows and left or right arrows. This should read the columns.
Alternatively if you needed to read entire Rose, use alt windows up or down arrow.

Paul Sandoval
Blind Tech Training

On Sep 15, 2017, at 12:38 AM, Tom <> wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

While control alt up down arrows will read the cell when the command is pressed for each cell, I was hopeing for a command which would have Jaws read up the column automatically once the command was issued.


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Table reading can be done with ctrl+alt+<arrow key>, for example
ctrl+alt+up, ctrl+alt+down will move up and down a column and read the
new cell.

On 9/12/17, Tom <> wrote:

Using latest W10 Home 64 bit,latest Jaws Home but not beta.

Can someone please inform me how to have Jaws read up a table column while
moving the cursor to the cell being spoken. If Windows key, alt period is
used, the cell contents are read but the cursor remains at the starting

Also, sometimes it seems to read down the column rather than up.

Which ever direction Jaws is reading the column, the speech is far faster
than the speech if just the arrow keys are used. Is there a way of slowing
the voice reading the column?



Soronel Haetir

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