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Hi Jed,
See if the note below will help you:
Awhile ago, Mozilla changed the options interface from a dialog to a web page that imitates a dialog.  As a result, you need to know certain things to work with it.  It is similar to, but not identical to, a dialog
Open tools with alt t then options by typing o.
Wait a moment, then turn off the virtual pc cursor if you are using JAWS with JAWS key z.  If you are using Window-eyes, turn off browse mode with control shift a.
If you are using NVDA, it automatically turns off browse mode in this dialog so you don't have to turn it off.
Now tab once.  You have to tab once to get to the list.  you are already on general.  In this webpage interface, you always start on general when you open it.
Continue to tab and you will get to a combo box that says when firefox starts.  You will hear the current option if you let it read.
Use the command for opening a combo box on a web page, alt down arrow.
Now up and down arrow to find the item you want which is show my home page.
Press enter on that item.
There is no ok button in this interface.  It is not a dialog, as I said and no ok button is provided.  The change you made has already taken effect.
Now, if you are using JAWS, turn on the virtual PC cursor with JAWS key z.  If you are using Window-eyes, use control shift a to turn on browse mode.
These commands are toggles. 
Remember, you are on a web page.  You may continue to use Firefox or close it, whatever you wish.  Since you are on a web page, if you want to continue using firefox, you can follow a book mark or work with the address bar or do whatever you would ordinarily do.
Or you can close firefox as usual.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: Re: major firefox problem

ok guys, i can't get to any of the opsions.  I go to tools, and then
options, and then it just looks like a giant mess on the screen.  Now
sure how to get in and out of browse mode here in jaws, can't remember
the hotkey.  Any idea how to get to this stupid popup blocker

On 9/12/17, Jed Barton <jedbarton@...> wrote:
> how do you turn it off
> On 9/12/17, netbat66 <netbat66@...> wrote:
>> try temporarily turning off the firefox pop up blocker before you click
>> on
>> save.
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>> From: Jed Barton
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>> Subject: major firefox problem
>> Hey guys,
>> I'm running the latest jfw.  I can not save a document.  I had to log
>> into social security to get a varification letter.  I clicked on save,
>> and it said,
>> alert, firefox prevented this site from opening a popup window.  So
>> firefox obviously wants to open a popup but it's not allowing it.  I
>> have to get past this.  Any idea how?  I have to get this letter.
>> Thanks,
>> Jed

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