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Stan, check out

and if you want to check out what other games are available, visit

the games are free for anyone to download and play. be aware that the
games are self voicing, so your screen reader will have to be silenced
unless you want to hear two voices. the help document contains the
directions and can be accessed within the game or externally (it's an
HTML file that opens in a browser). there may be a couple of
instructions for the version of Windows you intend to use when
installing the game, and you can email the programmer with problems you
experience or questions if the help document doesn't answer; the games
are mostly bug free and straight forward.

I think he still will email you with notifications of new games that
become available or improvements for a specific game you downloaded if
you provide your email address.

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Subject: crossword puzzles

I have not been one to explore games on the computer. I liked crossword
puzzles before my eyesight went south.

Are there jaws compatible crossword puzzles on line? Are there some that
can be obtained and solved using jaws and computer?

Stan Holdeman

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