FS tech support

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Hi Pablo,


I know you were trying to get tech support from Freedom Scientific on Friday and they were closed due to the hurricane. I was just curious what is going on today so I called the toll free number. It did say that due to the hurricane they are working with reduced staff, but when I chose tech support for Jaws I was put on hold and shortly after was told by the phone system that I was caller number 1 in the queue. I didn’t have any urgent questions so I hung up in order to give others the chance to reach somebody, but it would appear that FS is open for business at least to some degree. I can also say to those who commented they should let people telecommute that I am pretty sure at least some of their tech support people do work from their homes if not all. I once or twice asked a tech support agent and they told me they were working from at home.


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