Instapaper versus Pocket and accessibility


Hello list,

So for the longest, I’ve been using Instapaper to save various articles to read later. I mainly do so via the iOS app on my iPhone. This arrangement has served me well.

Nevertheless, the actual website has been and continues to present some accessibility issues. I’ve written the Instapaper folks about this as well as VFO. VFO took a look at the site and pointed out some areas where accessibility is lacking. I provided this info to Instapaper as well. The site still has the same issues. The Instapaper folks gave lip service on how they take accessibility seriously and would look into it, but nothing’s changed.

IN any event, I’ve found myself needing to check out my article database more and more on my PC. TO this, does anyone know if Pocket has any better accessibility on the computer in conjunction with Jaws? I’m on V 18 with Firefox as my main browser.

I guess I’m also interested in how accessible the iOS app is, but for now, more so the actual website on the PC. It would be a hassle to have to transfer everything I’ve saved over the years just to find out that Pocket may have accessibility problems of its own.

Any input would be appreciated.



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