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Thanks all for your support on this topic, you made my day :)

I will use the info you shared and adjust my settings-will let you know how I do!

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My employer requires everyone to use Outlook on the Web. I don't
remember the setting either but it is an alternative to the default
view. After I selected it a few years ago, I never needed to
configure Outlook 365 again. It is highly accessible and preferable
in a big organization. the address book is also on the Web and
constantly updated.


On 9/6/17, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
There is a setting which makes Outlook Web Access a very good experience,
but unfortunately I can't remember what it is called.
I originally found OWA very easy to use, but then at one point it looked
totally different and was a real pain and very inaccessible. I then saw a
post where somebody described where to find this setting which switched it
back to the old style which is super accessible.
It's a very clean interface where messages are displayed in a table which
for me says it has 8 columns and 22 rows, at the bottom I can click on other
pages to display more messages and you can use just the arrows if you have
table navigation turned on to go left and right and up and down and read
fields like From, Date, Subject etc. Each message has a checkbox in front of
it so you could, for example select multiple messages for deletion and so
on. If you have thi slayout you should have no problems, if not hopefully
somebody who knows how to set this up correctly can provide the steps.
I should say that I also use Outlook 2016 because I also have my personal accounts set up and find it easier to use, but for my business
account I could easily get used to using OWA.


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I find it far preferable to install and run the desktop version of Outlook
at home.

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Subject: Outlook 365 web access...

Hi all,

I have learned so much from your posts, thank you. Already I have improved
through little changes, thanks to you all.

Curious if anyone uses the Outlook 365 on the web, I can access work emails
at home but it looks very different than the Outlook 2016 I use at work.
Any tips or key commands you can share?

Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience-Diane

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