Re: freedom scientific closed?

Peter Donahue

Hello again everyone,


                And encourage them to embrace telecommuting so they can base more of their work force in various parts of the World to provide better service to their customers even in times of natural disasters such as Irma. This is coming from someone who lived through Hurricane Harvey so we know what kind of damage these storms can do. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone including Freedom Scientific's Staff and others effected by hurricanes and other natural disasters.


Peter Donahue




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Subject: Re: freedom scientific closed?


I do not often reply to this list, but I agree with the individual who said that our jaws problems will always be there. These very qualified and dedicated freedom scientific workers may not be with us if the hurricane reaches Florida as predicted by every weather forecast I've listen to nationally, good grief. We all must pray and send our thoughts for the well-being of our freedoms Scientific workers. Lynn Golightly

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On Sep 8, 2017, at 6:18 PM, David Moore <jesusloves1966@...> wrote:

Wow, Guys!

Hurricane Irma is the worst hurricane in the atlantic. I can’t believe you are so uncaring. Your JAWS problems, and mine, will always be there! How would you feel if they died or the place was blown to the ground. Please have some compassion!

People are being ordered to evacuate from areas closed to where Freedom Scientific is located. Is there any heart left in this society?

David Moore

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From: Cristóbal
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Subject: Re: freedom scientific closed?


You cannot be serious? Troll game is on point. I will say that. Hurricane be damned! I have a Jaws issue that needs your immediate attention.


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Subject: Re: freedom scientific closed?


I got family there. The hurican decrease power, and shows that is coming to a lower level as soon get to florida. So there is not concerns. Look Cuba, they received Irma when it was category 5, and how many people died?

These guys should be working.



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Subject: Re: freedom scientific closed?


uh dude!!!!

maybe they want to get out whilst they can?

it wouldn’t be very prudent to wait till the ting gets there;

that most likely would be too late.



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Subject: freedom scientific closed?


Hi guys,

I am calling FS, and looks like they closed early today. Irma is not there yet, so what is going on here?

Yesterday they had problems with the server, and tech support didn’t help me because of that. Now they are closing early?



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