Re: Help: jaws does not read google chrome

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Is this on all pages or just a few?

I find that JAWS reads most pages in Google Chrome at least as good as it does Internet Explorer. (I'm on Windows 7.)

Some pages, for some reason, cause Google Chrome focus to land somewhere other than the HTML content, such as in the address bar or one of Chrome's toolbars, or some other no-man's land. When there, I find I have to tab or shift-tab to get into the HTML content. Recently, I discovered I can also work around this issue by hitting F5 to refresh the page, which often bring's Chrome's focus into the HTML content.

Another thing to try would be the JAWS cursor, but I've always been able to deal with this by either tabbing to the content or hitting F5 to refresh.

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Thanks for replying, but jaws 17 is still saying blank with google chrome. I tried F6 and jaws just read the addres barr, but
in the main area of the page he stubbornly only repeats blank!
Any further suggestions will be appreciated

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