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Thanks for replying, but jaws 17 is still saying blank with google chrome. I tried F6 and jaws just read the addres barr, but in the main area of the page he stubbornly only repeats blank!
Any further suggestions will be appreciated

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#yiv2449924816 I suggest trying the F6 key, which
cycles through several fields.  I find that can help me get
to the web page itself.  Dave is an expert, so if this hint
is wrong or incomplete, he can give us the real
scoop!BTW, I am using JAWS 17 with the
latest Chrome.
   Tim Ford
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Sent: Thursday, September 7,
2017 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: Help:
jaws does not read google chrome  Hi!I am using Google Chrome with
JAWS 18, and it works very well. Which version of JAWS are
you using?David
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Subject: Help: jaws does not read google
chrome  Hi. When I try to navigate
with google chrome, jaws only says blank! I will appreciate any help to
make jaws read web pages with google chrome. Thanks in advnace--------------------------------------------El jue, 9/7/17, William
Vandervest <timelord09@...>
escribió:  Asunto: Re: jaws 18
questionA: main@...: jueves, 7 de
septiembre de 2017, 08:58 am    got it and it worked like a
charmthanks   timelord09@... There  Are None So Blind As Those
Who Will Not See William and Leader Dog
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 Subject: Re: jaws 18
question  Hi  William, Read the  following steps, & if
this is what you want then follow  them:If you want  nothing said instead of
blank in all applications try the   following: 1. Open the  Settings Center, press,
control, shift, + D, to openSettings  Center default  all applications.2. Arrow down to,punctuation closed..., right
arrow to  open, down
arrow to,  customizepunctuation...., & press
the spacebar to  open.  Make sure you
 press the spacebar
toopen & not
enter.  Pressing
enter will close the  SettingsCenter.3. Tab to the Advanced  button & press spacebar
to open.  The first item in  the list will  be, blank, so tab 1 time
to, edit description.... button,&  press the  spacebar to open.  The
word, blank, will be in this editfield.  Delete  the word, blank, put a
space with the spacebar, & pressenter.4. Tab to  okay, press the spacebar,
tab to okay, press the spacebar,tab to  apply,  press the spacebar, tab to
okay, press the spacebar to saveyour  changes  & close the Settings
Center. If you don't want  this in all applications,
open the desired applications  individually &  use the above steps in each
application.  HTH Take care.  Mike.  Go
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In the end you have to ignore everything, &click I  agree.----- Original Message -----
 From: William
Vandervest  To:
 Sent: Wednesday,
September 06, 2017 4:51PMSubject: jaws 18
question   how can i get jaws to stop
announcing blank lines whenarrowing down a  webpage, e-mail or other
text reading?thanks   timelord09@... There  Are None So Blind As Those
Who Will Not See William and Leader Dog

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