Re: reading bullets


try using the unicode value from the character for the actual word.
for example, for the actual word, type the slash followed by 8226
instead of an actual bullet, and for the hollow bullet, enter whatever
it's value is. you can get the value by navigating to the character and
pressing the numpad 5 three times quickly.
and a blank space for the replacement.

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Subject: reading bullets

Thanks. Yes, as I said, I tried making an entry in the dictionary
manager. What you wrote below is exactly what I did,
and JAWS continues to pronounce the bullets as "bullet" and "hollow
round bullet", even after I've added the dictionary

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance, all.

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Place cursor on the offending button
Press inserrt D
Press spacebar on the add button
Tab to the replacement word button
Press spacebar on the replacement word button Tab to okay -----Original


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