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Shane clark

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update those who are in this thread regarding my latest Kodi venture. Unfortunately from where I sit, nothing has changed. Today, I uninstalled version 16.1, then installed 17.4. I booted it up, and navigated it with the arrow keys, and everything seemed like it was okay as far as Kodi running on my laptop. I then called the Microsoft disability desk, and they help me with the installation of the screen reader, which I already had on my computer. But what they did was, they updated it for me to 1.07. And as soon as the tone began to play, I heard the screen reader say window, then Kodi crashed. We launched it again, with the same thing happening every other time we did it, Kodi still crashed.

I think Tim, said that on his end of things, once he updated the screen reader to 1.07, and installed 17.4, all was golden. And by the way, we did also check the check box that said allow unknown sources, as well as updated my Windows 10 to the latest version which is the creator version I believe, still with no luck. So at this point, I am completely out of Things to try.

For those that are still running 16, what add-ons are you using to find that you still get the most functionality out of? Or arevyou using a particular build that is still catering to 16. It is my concern, and I may have expressed this before, but the Developers of Cody, May be developing all add-ons and builds towards 17, and if this doesn't get resolved, we as blind people are going to be left behind. I've already written into the Kodi Forum, but have really gotten no response other than from a few people to say well you should stick with 16 if it works for you. So if anyone has any other suggestions as what to try with 17.4, Feel free to chime in.


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Nope, program still crashes after installation of the kodi screen reader add-on om kodi 17.4

Which ever way you install it, through the kodi repo, via zip or the installer




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It certainly does.  If you are running 16.1 update the reader plug-in

running 16.1.  I don't remember where to do that but you need version 1.07

at least.  Then just install kodi 17.04.  It works.  The first thing you

should do after you have it running is enable unknown sources.  The reason

people can't get the 17.04 to work is only because they don't update the

kodi reader.


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Subject: Questions on Kodi 17.4.


Hello everyone,


Would anyone happen to possibly know, if Kodi 17.4 is accessible with

Windows 10 and the screen reader that comes with Kodi? I know it's

accessible with Windows 10, but when I try to install 17.3 and use it with

the Kodi screen reader, every time the screen reader begin speaking, Kodi

crashed. So I was just wondering if anybody may have already installed the

latest version of Kodi, and tried it out?


Thanks, Shane.


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