Re: Any advantage to using Leasey with JAWS?

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Leasey has a lot of good features, I probably only use 10% of what it offers, but for me what I use is worth it.

You can try Leasey, it is fully functional but I think there is a limit of how many times you can use it where I think a restart of your computer counts and it speaks a message every so often that you are using it in demo mode. It will, however, give you a very good idea of its capabilities.

I would recommend Leasey Advanced and not the Leasey total package which has a lot of self-voicing stuff and really is for total computer beginners who use a very limited set of applications.





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Subject: Any advantage to using Leasey with JAWS?


Leasey is being suggested on another list to work in conjunction with JAWS.  My question is, is it good, bad or no real improvement in usability? 

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