Re: Jaws 2018 and Edge

Don H

Issue is that a free screen reader handles Edge pretty well and a expensive screen reader like Jaws can't.

On 9/4/2017 7:02 AM, Alan Robbins wrote:
I fail to see why folks are all hyped up to rush to edge. As long as IE, Chrome, and Firefox work I don't see the rush to edge with JAWS. Yes, VFO have made some progress, but in my limited use of it, it has a long way to go before I would choose as a default browser. As long as IE continues to work I am not messing around with edge all that much. Just my opinion


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Yes I have the same issue when I try edge with the beta also and it keeps happening. So, I suggest do not do edge at this time.

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Try windows D to get to the desktop.


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Subject: Jaws 2018 and Edge

Running the Jaws 2018 beta on my Win 10 64 bit Creator edition laptop.

This a inconsistent problem. If I close Edge with alt F4 I have to use Windows M to get back to the desktop. then I am somewhere but definitely not at the desktop. The desktop is on the screen but if I try single letter navigation I can't get to any of my Icons. For example I have one labeled Email. If I hit the letter e i hear no edit boxes, if I hit l I hear no placemarkers. So I think Jaws still thinks I am on a web page. Arrow keys don't do anything and if I use alt f4 to get to the shutdown dialog box I can't make any choices to shutdown sleep etc. A hard reboot is only way out.

Anyone else seen this strangeness? Did fill out the bug report form.

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