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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>


How are you changing folders?

I have as many Email accounts as you in Outlook 2016 and changing folders has not crashed outlook yet.


I use Control+y and then first letter navigation to get to the account I want and hit right arrow to open it and down arrow to the inbox and hit enter.

I keep the ones that are not my main email closed to make it easier to get back to the inbox for this account that I use for most things.






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I will try this after they fix 2018 with Outlook 2016. Since email is the main thing I do on the computer, and it is open all the time, I cannot have JAWS 2018 running as it will crash Outlook as soon as I go to change folders and/or email accounts. Since I have 5 active accounts, each time I pop into my email, I check each one. I cannot be bothered with turning 2018 off, launching JAWS 18 each time I check mail, just do it too often. Looking forward to kicking the tires on 2018 as soon as that is fixed. An yes, this was reported via beta form the first day of the release.




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That is what I did as well. Once you save it as a JPG file! Just press applications or shift+F10 and arrow down to recognize with JAWS, and JAWS will bring up a virtual document that you can read, copy from, and perform commands for a virtual document. This is beautiful!

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I would think you would save the scan as a jpg file then perform the Jaws OCR on it.  Least that is what worked for me.


On 9/1/2017 4:54 PM, Richard Turner wrote:

I installed the beta on my Win 10 1703 machine and the settings migrated fine after getting sighted help since the beta wasn’t talking …


My main interest is in the OCr using a flatbed scanner since Openbook does not work on this system and FS seems to have left it in the lurch.


I successfully scanned a page with my Cannon LIDE 110 scanner.

However, what can you do with that text once you have done the scan?


There doesn’t seem to be any options other than maybe copying and pasting it somewhere, but if that is the case, I’ll just use my iPhone with Seeing AI.






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