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Hi Don,

Yes, any version of Jaws you install has its own instance. I think this is one of the really good features of Jaws, you could have Jaws 16, 17, 18 and the Beta oif 2018 installed and use any of these versions independently. Especially with beta versions this is good because there are of course often still significatn bugs which need to be fixed and this way you can use whatever version you had before and which you are familiar with in addition to testing the beta version when you want.
Keep in mind that beta versions are called this for a reason and you won't get tech support from regular FS phone support, you have to submit any feedback using the bug report form on the FS website.

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I am a newbee with Jaws beta releases.  So when you install the beta do you now have two versions of Jaws installed?  I see on my desktop my old shortcut for Jaws 18 and now a jaws 2018 shortcut. I have the control alt j shortcut for starting jaws on the Jaws 18 so when I hit control alt j Jaws 18 starts.  So that is why I could not get OCR to work.  If I load Jaws with the Jaws 2018 shortcut it seems that OCR works great. Sorry for my confusion.

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