FW: [win10] Critical advisory: do NOT update to Fall Creators Update if you plan to use JAWS 2018 with Edge due to performance problems


Hi all,

For those testing JAWS 2018 (especially those testing support for Edge) and if you happen to be a Windows Insider (or thought about upgrading to upcoming Fall Creators Update), be sure to read the below notice to the end, as it WILL affect everyone at one point or another. Thanks.


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Subject: [win10] Critical advisory: do NOT update to Fall Creators Update if you plan to use JAWS 2018 with Edge due to performance problems #ADVISORY #JAWS #WinTenDev


Hi everyone,


The below advisory is rated “critical” as it will affect ALL JAWS 2018 users who plans to use Microsoft Edge in Fall Creators Update. Thus, I recommend folks to forward this to other forums, mailing lists and what not, as well as raise a red flag with MS and VFO:


CRITICAL ADVISORY: major performance issues found when using JAWS 2018 with Edge under Fall creators Update builds, with one report stating JAWS and/or Edge crashes:


JAWS 2018 adds support for Microsoft Edge, the browser that ships as part of Windows 10. Support for Microsoft Edge, especially the new EdgeHTML rendering engine, is crucial when it comes to supporting certain universal apps, as they will use the rendering engine used by Edge to display web content. However, some users have reported performance problems when trying to use JAWS 2018 with Edge under Fall Creators Update preview builds, ranging from delay in feedback to at least one report of JAWS and/or Edge crashing, with performance issues confirmed in subsequent testing. Although these are possible due to beta status of JAWS 2018, part of this is due to changes to Edge code introduced in several Windows Insider Preview builds for the upcoming feature update to Windows 10.


Reason for rating this advisory “critical”:


  • Windows 10 is a service, therefore feature updates are sent to users and organizations on a semi-annual basis. The latest stable build (Version 1703) will be replaced by upcoming Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) in a few weeks, and soon or later, most users will be asked to update to the new version. Although enterprises can delay the upgrade for a time, they will be asked to upgrade to a future release at one point or another. For those running Windows 10 Home, you CANNOT defer updates.
  • The time to deploy Fall Creators Update can range from several weeks to several months. This means that, unless users tell Windows 10 to defer updates, they’ll be updated to the new release. If told to defer updates, Windows 10 will present the new release by early next year.
  • The delay period (between the day Fall Creators Update is released and January 2018) is a period of bug fixing, and if MS and/or VFO misses this, people will face issues with Edge in the upcoming release after upgrades, further compounding the problem. Thus, it is critical that a fix (both short-term and long-term) is in place before end of 2017 to allow people to test this for a few weeks before Fall Creators Update comes to everyone.


Recommended actions:


  1. Raise a red flag (feedback) with Microsoft and VFO to make sure this is addressed as soon as possible.
  2. Avoid upgrading to Fall Creators Update until issues with JAWS and Edge are ironed out to an extent that users can use Edge for basic tasks.
  3. Optionally, if you absolutely need to use Edge and/or universal apps that display web content via Edge’s rendering engine, use other screen readers known to support Edge (such as Narrator).
  4. If you need to use a web browser for any task, do NOT use Edge until major problems are resolved.





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