Re: Kindle Keyboard Commands with Jaws 18

James Malone

Don’t know if this will work with Kindle, but the reading commands are located in the Jaws help under Keyboard commands. Try and use Insert key plus left or right arrow to read prier or next word, or Insert key to read by Prier line which is up arrow, or next line which is down arrow.

Would also suggest checking out to see if Jaws will work with Kindle through a Google search.

Hope this helps.


From: [] On Behalf Of Ed Culpepper
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2017 1:58 PM
Subject: Kindle Keyboard Commands with Jaws 18


Hello –

I am new to Jaws, having migrated from Window-Eyes. Using Jaws 18 I was attempting to read and study a book on my Kindle with accessibility plug-in. To my dismay the keyboard commands I am accustomed to using with WE 9.5.4 and Kindle to navigate reading do not produce the expected results. For example, Read Previous sentence

CTRL Shift  Up Arrow (or Left Arrow) does not read anything but announces “selected.” Is an alternate set of keyboard commands available for reading with Kindle and Jaws 18? Please direct me to a URL or send me a list of keyboard commands off-list if you have such a list in a file on your computer.

Thanks – Ed Culpepper


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