Re: MS Excel causes Jaws 18 to hang, Win10

Alan Robbins <alan1057@...>

Yes, this is the exact problem that is happening with some folks. I have written to VFO and apprised them of this. They are well aware and are working on it. MS issued some type of Office update the other day, I believe it was Tuesday, 8/29 in which many folks felt the problem had been solved. I have only had what you describe during one work session since then. I agree it is very frustrating. All I can suggest is to write to VFO with your experience.


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Subject: MS Excell causes Jaws 18 to hang, Win10

Hi all
I remember a topic on Excell crashing a while ago, I never read that but now I can’t find it to see if this is a similar problem

Firstly I have Windows 10, Jaws 18 and Office 365 which is all up to date.

I’m getting a strange problem in Excell, after working in a workbook for around 5 to 10 minuts, Jaws suddenly becomes totally unresponsive, as if it crashes. If I go to the desktop with Windows key D or someware else, Jaws will start speaking again after a few seconds and all will be fine. Everything else will still work correctly, till I try to enter Excell again and then Jaws freezes up once more and the only way to resolve the problem is to restart the computer.

Weird thing is, this only happens 8 out of 10 times, yesterday for example I spent more than a hour working in a Excell sheet without any issues, but this morning the problem was back again.

This is really frustrating and effecting my work, have you got any ideas on what might be wrong here? At this stage Excell on my Mac actually works better than Excell on my Win10 machine which says quite a lot.



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