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Ann Byrne

There is at least one JAWS seminar on Office 2016.  Well done.  Free.
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From: Tom Lange
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 7:04 PM
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Thanks, Jason, for reminding me about the keystroke references at the Microsoft web site. I may go find those, download them if I can, and pass them on to my students. I just recently switched to Office 2016 myself but haven't found it to be radically different from 2010.  Tim, what did you mean when you said that you found Office 2016 to be almost unrecognizable? When I first saw Word 2016 I immediately got the Start Screen and wasn't immediately sure how to navigate it.  So, having found the button/icon for "blank document" I activated it and was placed in a fresh document, then pressed Alt+F followed by T to get into Word options. In the General tab I was able to uncheck the box that tells Word to show the Start Screen when I launch it. 
My initial impression of the Start Screen is that it may give me access to different types of document templates for flyers, business letters, resumes and more. Is this so, and if anybody out there has experimented with them, have you found them to be accessible? Years ago I tried using a resume template with dismal results.
Like Diane, I'm interested in comphehensive tutorials for Office 2016, particularly some in DAISY format, and/or ones that won't cost me or my students an arm and a leg. 


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A few suggestions:


Microsoft have very good lists of keystrokes available for all of their Office applications. These can be found on their Web site. Just make sure you locate the references for the correct version of each of the programs (i.e., the Windows 2016 version).


You can find some of what you need by navigating and familiarizing yourself with the ribbons. However, some functions are found deep within multiple layers of dialogs. You can try the Alt+q command within Microsoft Word, Outlook and possibly other MS-Office programs, which lets you search the available functionality by entering key words. If this doesn’t help, I often find that it’s faster to perform a Web search using my preferred search engine to find an article describing what I’m looking for than it is to locate it within the complex menu structures of Microsoft Office applications.


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Subject: Office 2016


Hi everyone,


I am new to this group and new to JAWS 18 & Office 2016.  I am needing tutorials or guides to get me up and running on these. I was using 2010 with JAWS 15 so I have a lot to learn J


Thanks much for any information you can share with me,



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