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I’m using the JAWS  virtual ribbons but did find where you were talking about. Seems to take one to the same place regardless if in Word, excel, etc. Anyway, mine is set to automatically update so I guess anytime there is one pushed out I’ll get it.




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To check whether there’s update for office 2016,

1, open MSWord,


2, now, press alt+f=file,


3, d=account,


4, r=update.


So the keystrokes should be,



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Yes, I asked too. When I go to my update history, last entry is from 8/15




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Not finding where that update might’ve taken place. No big deal, though; just wanted to know where you guys found that out.



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There was a office 2016 update yesterday morning


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I would love to hear people's feedback regarding the Excel issues of late.

Just now I wanted to catch up on some work where I have to use Excel. I think most of us know how Excel has been crashing lately especially on Windows 7 PC's with Jaws 18. Jaws 16 seemed to be the only work-around for now for Windows 7. On my Windows 10 computers Excel seemed to be fine with Jaws 18.

I opened Excel on my Windows 10 desktop and noticed that a bunch of dates which I had set to be formatted so they include the day of the week, e.g. Monday, August 28, 2017, Tuesday, August 29, 2017 etc. only displayed as August 28, 2017, August 29, 2017 etc. I pressed Control+1 and looked at the date formats available and to my amazement did not see an option any more to include the week day.

I then opened the same Excel file on my Windows 7 computer expecting it to crash as soon as I tried to actually do anything, in any case, the date at the very top of my sheet showed up as "Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

I pressed Control+Page Up to go back a sheet again expecting it to crash, but thought I try it and to my surprise it went to Tuesday, August 29, 2017 and Excel did not crash.

I opened a new Excel file, typed in a bunch of values in 3 or 4 fields, added them up and everything was fine.

I wonder if Microsoft pushed out an update which fixes the issue? Not sure how to check when the last Office update was, but needless to say I am delighted that I apparently can work in my Excel file again on my Windows 7 PC which also has my Sage 50 accounting software on it.

Accessibility in so many ways is making big forward strides, but in other ways it's the opposite. Yesterday I finally finished setting up a new Windows 10 PC at my retail store and finally managed to get it to see the other Windows 7 computers on the network and to let me save to my main file storage drive on one of these Windows 7 PC's. Then I installed Sage 50 on that PC only to find out I can't use this accounting package which I have been using since it was Bedford Accounting for DOS back in 1991. On my Windows 7 PC's I can work with it efficiently and quickly, but I have to use the Jaws cursor for a number of things. In Windows 10 even the main program screen where you select whether you want to use the General ledger, do bank reconciliation, set up a supplier, use the purchases or payments journal etc. does not read anything. I can still get around that because I know I have to tab 5 times after it opens to get to the General journal, 6 times for reconciliation, 8 times for Purchases etc. Unfortunately when I enter an invoice everything works great until I want to check the total which I have to do using the Jaws cursor. It reads almost nothing and definitely not what I need it to read. Also, sometimes after I enter an invoice I might be off by a cent or two due to rounding errors with tax calculations and I then have to go to the tax amount for one of the items I am entering which is only possible with the Jaws cursor, double click it and then I can manually change it. No such luck on Windows 10 and while I was hoping to soon upgrade all my computers to Windows 10 at work right now I just don't know what I should do. Well, I guess I do know, I can't upgrade if I can't use this accounting software and I was not planning to spend hundreds and hundreds of Dollars right now to change to something like Quick Books and buy the expensive scripts for it. Those last few weeks have been a real mess. Anyways, I just hope my apparent success using Excel is not some odd thing and that soon it will go back to being what it was for the last two weeks.






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