Re: Questions on Kodi 17.4.

Shane clark


I haven't tried that, as I went back to 16.1 myself.

What build are you currently using with 16? Is there a particular package that you find works better with 16, that still allows you to have all functionality with latest movies that are being released, and everything as 17.4 does?

Could someone Give that a shot with 17.4, as I'm currently not home to try it out? In other words, try unloading Jawss and then trying to see if the screen reader for Kodi will work for 17.4 and report bavk? Thanks to all of you that have responded to this thread so far.

Thanks, Shane.

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On August 29, 2017 5:22:58 PM "netbat66" <> wrote:

have you tried unloading jaws before you load it? my computer will crash when i
have two screen readers running at the same time.

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Subject: Questions on Kodi 17.4.

Hello everyone,

Would anyone happen to possibly know, if Kodi 17.4 is accessible with
Windows 10 and the screen reader that comes with Kodi? I know it's
accessible with Windows 10, but when I try to install 17.3 and use it with
the Kodi screen reader, every time the screen reader begin speaking, Kodi
crashed. So I was just wondering if anybody may have already installed the
latest version of Kodi, and tried it out?

Thanks, Shane.

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