Re: Which internet browser do you prefer and why?

Randy Barnett <randy@...>

You can use windows 7 and IE for as long as the hardware you have supports it. No one is going to bother hacking your system in 2022 Win 10 will be the target at that point. well it already is. :)

On 8/29/2017 8:35 AM, Mario wrote:
most of the time, I use Firefox, but I find some websites do not work
well, so I revert to Internet Explorer. since IE is being gradually
phased out and I'm not really a fan of Chrome, I heard there might be a
new accessible browser coming soon called Vivaldi:

I hope the developers make it so it still works in Windows 7, at least
until 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft (1/14/20), if not longer.

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Hi all
When I had Windows 7 I always used Internet Explorer as my main browser,
though from time to time I also used Firefox a bit.

Now with Windows 10 it feels to me like Internet Explorer isn’t quite
cutting it for me anymore. It’s often slow and sluggish and it also
crashes from time to time giving all sorts of errors.

I think it’s time to try something else and switch over to that as my
primary browser.
I haven’t tried Chrome yet, but from what I understand it’s also
accessible with Jaws these days and I know Firefox is also accessible.
So my question, which of the 2 do you prefer to use and why? Which do
you find most accessible and easier to use?




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