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As long as it does what you want that is great. :) Just letting peple know what is happening with each selection. Also it is an accessibility issue that is being worked around instead of fixed.
On 8/29/2017 7:15 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

Well, I usually want text and what good is it if I use the other setting if it doesn’t work 8 out of 10 times, before I changed it most of the time if I highlighted stuff with the virtual cursor and pressed Control+C nothing got copied. If one of my sighted employees does it with the mouse it works fine and it works fine with the virtual cursor setting so it’s good enough for me. In fact, I usually just want text without formatting and since I normally paste said text into Notepad so I can manipulate it the way I want it makes little difference since any formatting is removed anyways when you paste into Notepad.





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Just so you are aware:

With the "From Virtual Cursor" setting, text is copied as plain text without formatting, pictures, and HTML attributes.

With the "Full Content Using Onscreen Highlight" setting, the text and elements you select are highlighted onscreen as you press selection keys from the keyboard just as it would
be in programs like Word Processors. The content is then copied with all formatting.

The default setting is Full Content Using Onscreen Highlight.

On 8/28/2017 9:55 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

Chrome I smy choice also, very fast and I like the fact that if you use multiple computers as I do and I sign in to Chrome with my gmail account all settings, extensions and so o I set up on any computer also become available on all others.

I always had one issue with Chrome and that was that it was very unreliable to copy any text. Last week I spoke to FS support about something else and ended up asking the guy. He told me to open Chrome, go into the quick settings with Jaws Key+V and type the word “select” into the search box, then tab to the results.

You end up on a virtual cursor option called “Select and Copy From”, by default this is set to Full content using onscreen highlight”.

If you press the spacebar it changes to “Virtual Cursor” and if it is set to this copying works perfectly.

I still have a few sites where Chrome doesn’t work and then I go back to IE, but for the most part Chrome is very good.

I guess now with the upcoming Jaws 2018 we’ll see how good Edge support is/will become, but in my opinion browsers are like hammers to a carpenter or saws to a woodworker, you have several and use the one which works best for the particular job or, in this case, website. They are after all free, there are no problems having Chrome and Firefox installed on a Windows 10 machine in addition to IE and Edge which are there by default so why not try each for what you do and decide what works best for you.





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IE, Firefox once in awile and chrome from time to time. I really dont like the History or bookmark layout in either Firefox or Chrome.
Also some of the sluggishness or crashing isnt IE it is Jaws and it happens with Firefox and Chrome just not as often from what people say but then again I dont have that much trouble with IE.

On 8/28/2017 9:21 PM, Portia Mason via Groups.Io wrote:

Either IE or Firefox.

Depending on what I am doing.



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  I like IE. Chrome doesn't play nicely with Jaws 16.





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