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i don't know if this is the same link you used. but so far eset has not said there are any viruses here.
maybe the file you are trying to convert does have a virus.

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From: marvin hunkin
Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 2:27 AM
Subject: trouble

Hi, if I go and visit the utube to free mp3 converter, when I click on convert, from pasting a urube url, either get a estertech virus warning or wanacry virus alert from Microsoft, how to fix this, and the only way is to shutdown my machine. Got Avast free, should I get maybe add blocker for firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, any one had these, and also with Avast, the block shield is turned off, so, is there any other good jaws scripts or support for Avast free anti virus, also cannot use the Avast cleanup, as don’t have a credit card and no free version. Any one has this. Got windows 10 64 bit pro, using the latest version of jaws, did a quick scan windows defender today, nothing, got latest updates. Thanks.


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