Re: Jaws 18 has error

george b <gbmagoo@...>

If the screen has a uninstall I would do that and then empty the trash and then completely shut down and restarte the p c.


Now, if you downloaded the latest jaws 18 find it and install from that  and all should be good


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Sent: August 29, 2017 8:04
Subject: Jaws 18 has error


Jaws 18 will not load.  My wife says that the screen has a message about an error in Jaws and I should un-install and re-install Jaws.  I downloaded Jaws, so I do not have the disk.  Should I just to a repair or follow the instructions on the screen.


Jaws 17 is still working, so I am not without speech.  This error occurred after I did a Dell update.  Any do’s or don’t’ s I should know>?  thanks


Have a great day!


Bob Hicks


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