Re: trouble shooting i e 8 focus issues

kimsan <kimsansong@...>

elf, I had it at one time but lost it. Can you send it to me?
Or I could just simply navigate to your sight and get it myself lol.

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if you have my "helpful hints" file there are a couple items about this
though I think there under other names like one on the "preview pain" and/or
display or ..., hmmm too much info to remember it all, I'll see if I can
take a look here soon, got to put a newer updated version up anyway but the
old one had these as far as I know.

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Subject: trouble shooting i e 8 focus issues

Hi Folks

I'm using latest build of jaws and internet explorer eight.

When I sign onto any page, nothing comes into focus and just says blank
blank blank.

I've refreshed the page and nothing still. Any other suggestions?


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