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Gudrun Brunot

Thanks, Randy. I'll take it under consideration.


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You just need something that can download, decrypt, edit then upload a word
document? It has to be small and easy to carry?

Just get a Ipad and a full size bluetooth keyboard and install word
on it. It doesnt even have to be the newest gen. Save some money and get a
used 2nd or 3rd gen.
Not sure about the cost of word for the Ipad...
On 8/27/2017 11:35 AM, Gudrun Brunot wrote:

Hi gang: Recently, I related to you a horror incident where
I accepted a password-protected document as a translation assignment and ran
into several issues, one being a messed-up [normal] Word template. After
many trials and tribulations, I got that straightened out. The same agency
just sent me an inquiry about doing a large project. These are, with the
exception of system crashes and messed-up templates resulting from
encryption, good jobs, nice and text-based.

My thought is to find an affordable send-and-receive device
that will let me inoculate my regular desktop machine from the hassles of
inadvertent changes caused by these file transfers. I did ask one of the
agency directors if anybody else had had difficulty with this encryption
issue, and she said, sighing, "yes."

Advice appreciated regarding:

operating system-assignments tend to be Word documents.

compatibility with JAWS?

Tablet, netbook, or laptop? (slimness and portability

Keyboard, external or built-in? I do have a cordless
Logitech Keyboard that I use on my music computer. It has a little
transmitter unit that's USB connected. Could I use that in case I need an
external keyboard? Or would a Bluetooth one be better, or one that's
incorporated on the device? I'm not overly fond of the flat on-screen
keyboards, typing on that is slow.

Brands-Dell Inspiron, Lenovo, Acer?

Software---I have Office already installed by Dell when I
bought my desktop. would I have to buy that or do some of these devices have
Office installed?

I realize I need to ask questions if I check devices out in
a store, but if any of you have some pointers, it would help me head in the
right direction.

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