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Also, as a member you can sign up for the Daily Deal email where each day you get an email with one book which is between $2.95 and $5.95, most are $3.95 or $4.95 and they sometimes are popular best sellers and I have bought many a good book this way.
There are also occasional sales where you get an email and if you click on the link in the email you can choose books from a list of 100 or 200 books and all are a set $4.95 or something like that or you get a list where you can pick 2 books for one credit and so on.
I use Audible almost exclusively and have the Platinum membership which currently I am paying monthly, $22.95, along with all the special deals I usually don't run out of books to read/listen to. I probably do easily 50 to 80 books from Audible a year.
I should say that I don't listen to eBooks, I listen for pleasure and listening to a TTS reading a book no matter how good a TTS to me is not pleasureable, I want a good human reader who gives the narration some character.


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The Audible app is free.
The books can cost $15 to $45 individually.
You can get a membership with 1 credit a month, which will get you most books, for $14.95 per month. Or, a Gold membership gets 12 credits at once for $149.50, which brings your per credit price down to about $12.59. There is also a Platinum membership that get 24 credits at once, but trying to read 24 books a year from one source is nothing I've tried to accomplish.
All the details are on their web site.

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This app sounds pretty cool. How much does it cost, I'm assuming it's a monthly subscription cost?

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If you have an iPhone (I assume Audible would also be accessible on Android) I can only recommend to use the Audible app. As was pointed out already, on the iPhone the app is super accessible and it's super easy to listen to all your books. I have been an Audible member since 2010 I think and have probably 700 or 800 books by now and I can easily find and download any of them by author or title and listen or re-listen to them. The app let's you go directly to any chapter, you can skip by chapter or by time interval and there is a built-in sleep timer and if you have any Airplay enabled speakers or an Apple TV you can also Airplay your book to those.


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First you need to install the audible app from the website. Then, you go to your library, and press enter on the Download link that can be found under the book title if I remember well. As for transfering that book to an external device, I'm afraid I can't help with that since I have never done it.

Hope this helps a bit!


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