Re: needing help with Microsoft Access 2016?

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Hello Dacia. Have you actually opened the Access database? Accessibility depends on whether your company used customized controls, etc. If they created a standard form, you should be able to access it. It's not difficult to find records. You access the find dialog with the Control+F short cut or locate it on the ribbon. For example, If you want to find a person with the last name of Smith, put your cursor in the last name field and activate the Find dialog box. Type the name Smith and Activate either the ok or find next button. Just tab through the dialog and you will find the correct button to activate. Press the escape key and you'll be on the proper record. Do you know if the company has created any master/detail relationships, If they have, you'll locate the customer in the master record first then use the Control+Tab keystroke to move through the master record until you get to the detail record. Also, as with any other office application, get to know your ribbons. I hope this helps.

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Hi everyone,

As part of my job I am expected to look through a database of people who need to make appointments and it is done in Access. I never have used it bwefore. Any helpful tips that you have would be great.



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