Re: asining key board commands to different keys?



Yes I want to keep my hands off that number pad. This can be problematic when in this program. If I accidentally press a number it will override the data in the cell.

I want to be able to read what is there then be able to choose to change it with the number pad if needed. I am finding that I have to keep jumping in and out of the different curser modes and numbers on and off frequently.

I don’t know why but the insert numpad8 reads 3 of the five fields and the numpad 7 reads the other two fields.

I didn’t want to change everything about the set up but make a different set of keys that would do the same thing using only the modifiers and letter keys.

I would like it if maybe I could just use them in this program alone but if I can’t well…

I am used to WE and the only time you used the number pad to read anything was when using the mouse. Easy enough to do. With Jaws you use all those keys all the time to manipulate all of the cursers.


I have toyed with the idea of using the differentiate between number pad arrows and the “extended” arrow keys but I am not sure how that would work. I might have to remap all the key functions off that number pad.

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Subject: Re: asining key board commands to different keys?




Do you not want to use the actual “insert”+”home”  keys either?  or the “insert”+”up arrow key” combination?  Are you just wanting the command combo to be on the main keyboard/ alphanumeric and modifier keys?


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Subject: asining key board commands to different keys?


Hello all,

I am not at all sure how to explain what I want to do but I am going to try.

Jaws has a Key stroke “Insert Num pad 8” Which in the keyboard help says that it “JAWSKey+UpArrow
Says the current line.”

This key stroke in my time collection program reads the job and job type.


What I want is exactly what this is doing but, I want to make a different set of keys do this action. I want to keep my fingers off the number pad.

I would prefer something like Ctrl Shift J.

And if possible make this only apply to one program.

Can I do this?
If so I want to do the same thing to the “insert numpad7” JAWSKey+Home
Says the text from the beginning of the line up to the active cursor.


Can I mimic the behavior of these key strokes with different keys?


Thanks a lot!


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